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Heiress embodies s-I-o-w fashion. Heiress is known for high quality fabrics and construction, with a fit that feels custom made, just for you.

Designed by our highly skilled designers, specialist pattern cutters, and garment technologists; heiress celebrates the female form and designs timeless pieces that will live in your closet forever. Our collections are designed to capture the essence of sensuality, inspired above all to empower women. We understand that confidence is key, and our designs that are meant to sculpt and shape your body, will have you covered.

Each collection takes about six months from initial conception to production. The design team hand sketches and drapes on a mannequin to create unique designs heavily influenced by corsetry. Then, our designers source and develop fabrics to prioritize quality & fit. The collection is actioned into cad form with technical illustrators and garment technologists. Our technical packs have intricate development details that are then sent off to our factories. Once samples are created, our garment technologists have several fit sessions on fit models of all different shapes and sizes. After fittings, our pieces go through multiple revisions in the sample process, in order to get a it that feels custom made, just for you.

All of our pieces are ethically made and manufactured. we have built the necessary infrastructure to support ethical labor. We have an incredible large team of artisan sewers and creators, working in happy and comfortable environments. We cherish each and every person that touches our products in the process, as without them, we would not be heiress.

Heiress remains committed to its sustainability practices. We produce limited batches of each design in order to be environmentally cautious and prevent excess waste. Once a design sells out, we open up pre-order to further prevent waste. Heiress remains committed to seeking sustainable ways to work and grow.